Salooom , Zalooom and I “Dalooom”

About us

 Who ?   

 We are 3 Kuwaiti guys , living in Q8. We are trying to make sense in this life by expressing our opinions & making some relations!


 Why ?

  You might wonder about our names! Actually it just came by chance. One of our friends ‘Fawaz’ always says the word “dalooom” ekho “salooom”!!! we just like the way he pronounce it LOL! so we had to choose the third name that is similar to the previous names ‘Zalooom’. well, we might upload a voice file for our friend “Fawaz” saying DALOOOM !! ;Pp



    Am younger than Salooom & Zalooom, but Am the one who brought the blog idea after 7annat “zalooom”. I like to live my moment and I hate the routine. I am studying accounting in Business Administration gazzz College – q8 Univ. I’ve a lot of creative ideas but they’re stored in my drawers!! I like many things such as movies, music & gadgets.



    The hardest question you may face in your life is “who are you?”. But I will try to conclude the answer in few words. Am 22 years old graduated from CBA – Q8. Everybody says that am calm & lucky. I like music, music, music …… MUSIC!!! and some reading.



    Mar7aba! am the oldest guy in this blog. I love my life, work, family & friends. I’ve many different hobbies, am a piano player, lyrics writer, music composer, photographer, and semi graphic designer.



8 Responses to “About us”

  1. Nice idea guys ;p
    etha taboni atkalam 3ankom .. ( Zaloom & Saloom ;p ) u r cool guys ooo shway funny :p Saloom ashof feh il shab il 6amoo7 … Oo zaloom shab mot3aded il mawaheb bs a7esa ma y6ale3 ool 7agga ;p

  2. Lish m7ad yakteb bel site ger daloom ? 😛

  3. l2ana zalooom ma kan belq8.. ams we9al men ilsefer ..

    o Salooom kella busy ! ;\

  4. GuYyYyYyzZzZzZz…

    Nice blog, really!!! Amazing pics, interesting topics, truly down to earth, you guys!!
    I know Zalooom (way to go man with the photography), Salooom (such a decent guy with hidden talents), but Dalooom – sorry man – I just saw you in pics; but you are well growing this blog to be a magnet spot 😉
    Wish you all the best, y’all =) Ciiiaaaaaaoooooo

  5. Hi guyz !
    nice work.. keep it up..

  6. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ABOUT US 7alllatley il 3oQda, 6ab3an ana 3abaley enna 3 persons in one, laish? ana agollekom laish hehehe, 3abaley zaloom/daloom/saloom moQtabasa mn Me,Myself and I .. LATGOLOONLE SHAKO=”’] faaa hatha awal shay 3abaley enna 3 awadem eb shakhs wa7d, o 3ogob lamma ekteshaft ennna.. hmm la7tha? chenna il nickat ghair 3an ba3ath? fa 3ogob 3abalee zaloom okhoow daloom o enna ur twins oo enna daloom bnayya o zaloom sbay LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL SAWAIT FILM SA7??????????=]]]] sorry bs li’anna i know someone we call her Daloom =/ fa 3ashan chethey, ilmohem it was nice to meet u guys, u have such a wonderful blog, keep it up =]

  7. aham shay I know some call her dalom lol! .. thanks 4 the comment 😉

  8. How can i contact you??

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