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Hala feb concert!!

February 28, 2007

I got 2day a gift from Salooom and it was a ticket to Hala Feb concert, Honestly i was upset from him a couple weeks ago, cuz he didn’t write anything in this blog except the Starbucks post! ;\ Yalla ana emsam7ik adri enik kent “eshway” mash`3ool bas ma 3leh ..    tara yemdo7on 7aflat Nawal ilq8tiya !! ;Pp   6ab3an eli ra7  ye`3non 2day : ilheleqi 7mood […]

What a jerk!

February 25, 2007

Tawa kent raye7 il deira 3endi cham esh`3el..  ilmohem 7ashni  “ taftesh” chan ygoli il sher6i 3endik foam ?! 6ab3an swa2 il wa7ed 3enda or not mra7 ygol ena 3endi foam ! shal`3ba2 !    Posted by: dalooom

Nice art

February 25, 2007

I found this [ site ] by using Strumble!  I really like the Artist work!   Posted by: dalooom    

Audi S5

February 24, 2007

This is the new sporty car from Audi, It is expected to be launch around 2008. I like the sporty as well as the luxury designe it has.  For the performance the engine produces 353 BHP 4.2 LITRE V8. I think this car gonna be a strong compititior for the BMW 3-series and Mercedes CLK!  Posted by: dalooom  

Jaaltani Moujriman

February 23, 2007

  9arli fatra mo raye7 aflam ma9riya..  l2ani a3teged most of them have horrible directing, cheap pic quality plus  “ mafi qe9a ” and alot more..  yesterday Salooom 7an 3ley ena enroo7 film.. l2ana maleena men il caffehat,  3adatan Salooom yekhtar il film eli enro7la, hal mara khalani akhtar bein 2 movies Jaaltani Moujriman and Ghost rider,  fe il […]

Prada mobile

February 19, 2007

“LG Electronics and Prada have unveiled the KE850 touch screen mobile phone. LG and Prada have worked closely together on every aspect of the KE850, from handset development to marketing combining the detail and quality of Prada design with the technological innovation of LG Electronics. ” for more specification (link)   Posted by: dalooom


February 19, 2007

  Its Biscuits, Its caramel, Its gold, Its “Delicious” !!  Posted by: dalooom