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The Avenues

March 22, 2007

 Today after il m7athra re7t m3a 9a7bi  li Avenues mall, awal ma dsheit 7seit ena wayed wayed wayed “ shar7  ” wayed huge and fe 11 theatres ! il shay il`3reb re7t hnak 3la ilsa3a 10.30 am o kan fe naas ya3ni thelth il mjama3 kan matros !!! ..    6ab3an eli ana lecha7t-hom 5 starbucks, 3 […]

Review: 300

March 22, 2007

Yesterday my friends booked me a ticket after a hard convince, e7gezoli at 12 am in Marina mall. fe il bdaya estamlaqt il time plus il “place” cuz i have a lecture at 10 am Thursday morning!. I think everybody hear about this movie. And when i asked anyone about it they said ” yqolon Qawi”.  il mohem re7t il film..   things that i […]

Ana 9a7i Lhom

March 21, 2007

كلمات: الناصر الحـان: وليد الشامي أنـــــا صـــــاحــــــي لـــــهـــــــم وعيني عنهم مــش غافــلــه دارس طـــــــــبــــــــعـــــــهــــــم وفاهم قــصــدهـم واتجـاهلـه وأغض الطرف عن العذال بالعاني مـــا قــرّبتهم إلا لهدف ثاني وحققـــتـــه بــقــربــــي منهـــــــم أنــــا صــــاحـــي لـــــهــــم  ———————– تظنـوني خفيـــف العــقــــــل يـــا هــالناس او مجــنــــــون واللــي يخطـــر عــلى بـــالي لا والله مــــــاتـــــــــــدرون واحب العب على المضمــون ———————– تــــلومونــــــي ولا […]

Busy busy busy..

March 20, 2007

I just came now from the college. I am sooo busy these dayz, meetings, doin research, friends, quizzes and many many many. damn i wanna sleeeep ! ;\ Posted by: dalooom


March 17, 2007

I got it from finance department!   posted by: dalooom

Dubai .. Dar el 7ayy !

March 13, 2007

  Dubai .. I’ve just arrived 3 days ago to dubai. I can’t explain what I see here, every visit I find a lot of new malls , restaurants , cafes , hotels and more. My first visit to Dubai was in 2004 , and since that visit till now I’ve visited Dubai more than […]

Review: Burger company

March 12, 2007

  2day kent raye7 ilmohalab complex 3lashan bakheth cake from Baskin robbins, w ana rad il beit chan ashoof Burger company, i already kan 3endi khabar ena ma 9arla fatra kbeera fate7  men Mark blog  . So I have ordered  Barbecue burger, It comes with ranch sauce, Honestly il meat nafsa ma 3jabni laken il khobza o il […]