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مذكرات مراهق كويتي

June 28, 2007

   قريت كتاب قبل فترة بعنوان الأبعاد المجهولة – مذكرات مراهق كويتي – للكاتب الكويتي عبدالوهاب السيد . كنت رايح فيرجن و شفت هالكتاب ، شدني الغلاف و العنوان ، قريته و حبيته حيل و خلصته بيومين تقريبا ، و على طول رحت شريت الجزء الثاني منه و كان هم رائع .  الكتاب يتكلم عن قصة […]

Interview: Bill Gates & Apple CEO@ D5!

June 26, 2007

woooow its so so funny to watch..  I think its the first time they were together..  I really like Steve Jobs he has great character ..  it seems that il interview 3bara 3an ” th`3aaaaaa6″ eb kel wa7id really dont miss it..    Gates said: ” It was noted that when Microsoft was developing the Xbox it used Macs as early […]

Kuwait SALSA school!

June 25, 2007

Its real  salsa school in kuwait!  the banner behind the dancers maktoob feh Kuwait ..  if anyone is interested contact zalooom he is damn good dancer..  no just kidding! LOL! ;p  check the video! *It seems that u have to click the link below to watch the video. or  [youtube] *the girl with black hair she’s […]

Car plate Auction in UAE!

June 24, 2007

The Auction has started at 2 Million and Ended ………….? OMG!!   these ppl are Insane! Posted by: dalooom

Amr Diab Upcoming Album!!

June 22, 2007

I found samples of Amr diab upcoming album ( El lela de ) with great quality..  the file size is  9 mb! here is the link (Click here)! Posted by: dalooom

Nawal Alzoghbi

June 22, 2007

بدا قبل اسبوع تقريبا عرض الكليب الجديد للفنانة نوال الزغبي ، الكليب من اخراج رنده علم .. الكليب قصته حلوه و بسيطة و هو تكمله لكليب شو أخبارك اللي نزل قبل سنة و 3 شهور تقريبا .. عندي معلومات عن الكليب راح تفاجئكم شوي .. في أكثر من راعي لهالكليب : 1- LG shine شركة […]

If you want to quit smoking!

June 18, 2007

Last week, I  decided to quit smoking. So I was looking for any way to help me to quit till I found the nicorette. It’s really a very helpful gum because it made me feel how much I hate smoking , but that doesn’t mean that I stopped smoking directly. Inshallah It’s gonna work step […]