Salooom , Zalooom and I “Dalooom”


I am really in bad mood, so nervous disappointed sad tired dizzy all that because I feel “ b6aaaaali”  HATE IT! 😦 

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10 Responses to “HATE IT!”

  1. Well that’s good! Some people at least feel bad; Don’t be! Get up, dress up & do something if you have a job or look for one instead of complaining about it!

  2. uhh, im sorry ur feeling that way! i second wat chika said, kick ur own ass out of its funck and do something, and i know job hunting aint fun, especially if u were doing it for a while, i dunno if u r or not, but do something fun! go to the beach, go shayish, id3am a cat if thats ur cup of tea, just dnt skulk

    hope u feel better soon babes

  3. Lol Aham shay ed3am a cat!

    Bil3aX job hunting could be great fun, think of all the people you will meet and all the different impression you can leave Act completely different on each interview, to see which one of your characters fits you best. This could be hilarious.

  4. For the past 2 weeks I had done almost everything b6ali could do beach shaleh qahwa dewaniya reading books..

    But I think i felt that way because it’s the first year aq3ad b6ali hal fatra without doing something special.. Last year I remembered after finishing my study.. next day holiday I had a Job, I think 7zet-ha kelish ma rya7t .. so this year I decided to give myself a break cause I worked really hard this semester..

    Now I am thinking to start my own business, I have many ideas to do online business, but the problem here I am seeking to have a unique system for the website.. looking for a good company to do it 4 me. since I don’t trust any Kuwaiti company.. I am gonna looking for a company to do that for me or do it by myself..
    “adesh dawrat at3alam”

    Thanks everyone for supporting and really appreciate that. 🙂

  5. uhhhh We all here booored ! .. god el deeeira etmalel
    ana awal mara a7es aw bel a9a7 aKteshef halshaaay …. i Swear
    ena eb thaney yom radet feh mn el sefar * YEA HATHA WANA MSAFRA HAM METMALELA ;\ !* .. thaney yom mn radet walla ma ansa 7alty bel 9ala o ga3da 3l arth ! (bala we have qanafat ;P!) o a6ale3 jedam “chena ma kan fe a7ad” wagool malaaaaaal ! zah-ga ufff ge6oney mn el dereesha !

    oh neset enk ga3 ete7al6am .. la azed el 6en ballah ;p .. bs dont think ted3am g6awat man6aqatkom … they look SO STROONG o ma3teqed ra7 ymoton law td3amhum :S

  6. I hope u’r ok now, 3ady it’s normal sa3333at bil youm il waa7id sitta333ash alf mood, o khososan m3a il ba6aaLa =”]

  7. dude..tokfa don’t remind me of that feeling. One could not imagine that doing nothing does physical damage!!

    allah y3enek

  8. moshkilaa etha kel yom t7es enk ba6ali !! 😛
    daloom La tensa enek 5atheet 5ebraa ib hal year oo eshtagalt ib mokanain ( madre 3 ;p ) Oo inshallah ur own business will start
    soo ,, dont be upset oo ana gayelha lek mraa enk 6amo7 😉 Oo inshallah testegel hal 9efa eli feek oo etqadem shy yfed il mojtama3 w il kuwait << sawet film hindi ? :p

    good luck oo ana adre ena 3andk afkar 7elwaa wayed inshallah tnagi wa7daa tarthii 6emo7k 😉

  9. Daloom sorry tra 3abali ent Saloom 😛 Oo kalaami kaan 3ala asas enaa Saloom ohwa eli kateb il kalam ;p

    bs haam ma yemnaa3 ;p fekom nafs il daam 😛

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